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Nuget - Create simple package

Enable Nuget on the solution

  • Right click on the solution → Enable Nuget Package Restore

Build package

  • Step 1 : Create a project in visual studio
  • Step 2 : Open Nuget console and enable the package build
Enabled package build for LightViewModel

If you have the error Failed to add import 'NuGet.targets'

Failed to add import 'NuGet.targets' to LightViewModel
Install the package Nuget.Build
PM>Install-Package NuGetPowerTools

Successfully installed 'NuGetPowerTools 0.29'.

 - To enable building a package from a project use the Enable-PackageBuild command
 - To enable restoring packages on build use the Enable-PackageRestore command.
 - When using one of the above commands, a .nuget folder will been added to your
   solution root. Make sure you check it in!
 - For for information, see

PM>Install-Package NuGet.Build

Attempting to resolve dependency 'NuGet.CommandLine'.
Successfully installed 'NuGet.CommandLine 2.8.0'.
Successfully installed 'NuGet.Build 2.8.0'.
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