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C# - How to launch automatically the debugger with Fitsharp

I have decided to use a fixture :

public class DebugFixture
    private static bool isDebugAlreadyRequest = false;
    public DebugFixture()
        if (!isDebugAlreadyRequest)
            isDebugAlreadyRequest = true;

Set the debug fixture in Fitness (in your Setup file)

|comment|Uncomment in local to active debugger '''Never on Remote'''|

|comment|debug fixture|

To active the debugger, you just have to replace the code above by :

|debug fixture|

Other approach :

Take a look into the sources : I have tried to add the code at the start of RunnerW. It doesn't work. When you try to launch System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch(), the tests were all cancelled.

Ressources :

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